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Countryside Tours

Get off the beaten path and enjoy countryside delights.  My Countryside tour takes you off the beaten path through our beautiful rainforest of our watersheds. Local guides you to our gorgeous rivers, scenic mountains and valleys, our local coffee, banana and coconut farms, stop and chat with friendly people, taste our local dishes. Experience the Jamaican country life firsthand.

Off the beaten path

Get to experience the Jamaican countryside with it beautiful sceneries and meet local friendly people.

Visit banana farms

Tour a local banana farms. Interact with the farmers and in the community.

Taste the local fruits

On a warm day, enjoy a coconut straight from the tree as well as other delicious local fruits, sometime you can even pick them yourself.

Eat local food

Enjoy sample of local food such as roast breadfruit, roast yam and sweet potatoes and codfish.

Visit local coffee farm

Learn how coffee are grown by visiting the local coffee, local guide.

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