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Sherwood, Trelawny is located in the Cockpit Country, Jamaica's largest watershed.  It is home to the famous athlete, Usain Bolt.  The beautiful area is home to a large varieties of birds, for a and fauna, some of which found nowhere in the world.

-in Sherwood, Trelawny -Usain Bolt Community in the Cockpit Country

This Special Sightseeing Tour takes you through the untouched watershed.

-We will stop at Miss Lilly Bolt (Usain Bolt Aunt)

-We will drive through the watershed where you can take photos, you see coconut, pineapple, yam, banana,farms.

-Beautiful old style houses

-Interesting shape rocks
-You also have to the option of having Jamaican lunch at Miss Lilly.


If you are the very active type, then you will certainly enjoy the long hike - You can also choose to explore the the famous Windsor CavePlease email for more information

-The hike starts at Miss Lilly Bolt (Usain Bolt Aunt).  You have the option of overnighting at Miss Lilly.
-You will be guided by local Guides who know everything about the area
For more about hiking, please email for more information

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