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Phillip Country Tours

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Three exciting places combined. Come and enjoy the beauty of Jamaica South coast in one day.

YS Water Falls

Come and enjoy intimate experience with a spectacular seven tiered waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation. A tractor drawn jitney take you through fields of hundred year old guango trees to a hidden valley. This is an opportunity to be at one with nature. Swim and indulge yourself in a nature pool  fed by underground and and above ground springs.  Take a swim at the wonderfully picturesque Y/S Falls.

Black River Safari

A one hour boat tour through what is Jamaica's largest wetland area, the black lower morass. One hour takes you four mile upriver and returns . A running commentary is given by our Captain on ecology and history of the area.  Many of the 100 species of birds in the morass,  as well  as the unusual wetland vegetation, are seen during your trip. The endangered American crocodile inhabits this area and sightings are very frequent.

Pelican Bar

Pelican bar is a is a  tiki bar made of driftwood on a sans bar three miles out at sea.  It is good for snorkeling.  Order your Red Stripe beer, or rum, ginger beer, etc—and take it into the waist-deep water and view the stingrays and pelicans passing by nearby.

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